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Alibek’s hamster found dead inside his cage [joke]


Today my long time acquaintance stated that his hamster is dead. The cause of death were discovered during the investigation - one of the paws was severely injured, completely crushed in fact, by the wheel, in which said hamster was running to provide Alibek an energy for phone charging. While he was talking about him with wet eyes, i have learned that hamster’s name was “Hubbles”. After hearing many of the funny stories Ali had about Hubbles, i found myself thinking some very depressing thoughts. For example, what would i have done if i had been forced to relive the same situation? It is indeed very hard to tell. Maybe i would’ve cried a lot. The main point is that when your pet dies it feels like part of your soul dies too. 

I want to express my condolences to him. I know as a matter of fact that all of you who laughed at the very deep meaning of this post will find themselves very sad in that situation. Take this note seriously, right to your heart.

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How i felt today after physics exam.

How i felt today after physics exam.

Igor Presnyakov


Great cover of Red Hot Chilli Pepers song by Igor Presnyakov. He is realy great artist, especially his hats :)